Short Dark Shock 5

In Praise Of The Fallen – Volume 6

Drastic Pleasures 2

Drastic Pleasure 2

Part 2 of the Drastic Pleasures Compilation series of experimental music. 
Compiled by: John S. Valvegod 
Mastered by: Oni Sakti

Drastic Pleasures 1

released 22 May 2012 
Evil Moisture – Econnaborted From The Album « If You Want to Fuck the Sky, Teach Your Cock to Fly » on iDEAL recordings 2009 
Geodesic – Helatrix From The Album « Geodesic »

Part 1 of the Drastic Pleasures Compilation series of experimental music. 
Compiled by: John S. Valvegod 
Mastered by: Oni Sakti


released 01 February 2012


Sin Machina 1

Chapter 1 of a 4 part compilation series featuring industrial noise makers from around the world. 
After the 4th part is released digitally a 5th part will be added only to the 5 disc physical collection.

released 01 December 2011 
Compiled and Arranged by: Chris Shortt 
Artwork and Mastering by: Oni Sakti

« Love At First Grind » volume 2 compilation

STMS005 – V/A « Love At First Grind » volume 2 compilation
Country:// Various
Style:// Grindcore, Noisecore, Gore, Nintendocore And More Experimental Stuff
Format:// MPFREE download release

V/A "Love At First Grind" volume 2 compilation

(artwork by Love Through Cannibalism)

01 GORE OBSESSED (the netherlands) « Four Teenage Fucks And A Maniac »
02 MAGNITIZDAT (malaysia) « Barua Siye »
03 BODIES IN BARBWIRE (united states) « The Vile Corpse King »
04 RADICAL GRIND CORE SQUAD (belgium) « Greed And Power »
05 TOTAL HIPSTER CRUSHER (united states) « Misanthropia »
06 ROTTENCROTCH (united states) « The City Is Filled With Whores And They Want Cock Meat »
07 BBARBAPAPPA BUTCHERY (france) « Execute The Playcore King »
08 NEKRO DRUNKZ (united states) « Ass Eruption »
09 GOREGASMATRON (phillipines) « Surrounded By Cock Sucking Chuva Ekbang Brief »
10 FULL OF HATRED (italy) « Disgusted By Voice »
11 IL DISAGIO (italy) « Cops »
12 AGAMENON PROJECT (brazil) « Against The New World Order »
13 DESOLATION MACHINE (united kingdom) « Shit »
14 I WILL GUILLOTINE YOUR CHIHUAHUA (united states) « I’m A Furry »
15 NEKROLEPTIK (france) « Raped By Bass »
16 DEFORMED ELEPHANT SURGERY (finland) « Retarded Cannibal »
17 RADIOACTIVE EYELINER (the netherlands) « Distortion »
18 PIGSHIT (united states) « Steam Powered Cyber Beef Drill »
19 FxRxIxTxZxL (germany) « Choke On Fritzl’s Cock »
20 TURKEY FARM (united states) « Death At The Farm »
21 BLAARGH! (sweden) « I Eat Babies »
22 FLUID (united states) « Abstract Dying »
23 EXTREME HAIR STENCH (germany) « Twenty-Three Newz »
24 LOW FREQUENCIES (france) « Here Comes The Pain Again »
25 SKEFTLUL (belgium) « Female Dolphins Have Two Teats »
26 THE DECAYING (united kingdom) « World War 4 »
27 DETHCENTRIK (united states) « Morderisk Depresjon »

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F**k Em All compilation series Vol 6

 F**k Em All c

Volume six already of the world famous F**k Em All compilation series (of course again in collaboration with Death To Music Productions) brings you again the best of the best of the industrial metal underground. Italian industrial gothic metal group No Forgiveness brings an exclusive preview for their upcoming album with a brand new track, followed by the accessable and catchy sounds by Argentine Chrisallys. From the more heavy drum’n’bass / breakcore influenced beats of the UK’s The Bombs Of Enduring Freedom, Russia’s Headphone Killazz and France’s Low Frequencies we move to the tunes of Russia’s top notch quality industrial death metal band Conflict. The compilation ends with the tight industrial metal sounds of Germany’s BlitzKill and the more progressive Sonic Thunder from the United States.

The tracklist;

01 NO FORGIVENESS (italy) « Natural Born Sinners »

02 CHRISALLYS (argentina) « Breed Of Cain »

03 THE BOMBS OF ENDURING FREEDOM (united kingdom) « This Is The Israeli Navy »

04 HEADPHONE KILLAZZ (russia) « Half-Life Period »

05 LOW FREQUENCIES (france) « Hypnotism »

06 CONFLICT (russia) « Spybot »

07 BLITZKILL (germany) « Sinnest�ter »

08 SONIC THUNDER (united states) « Time To Die »

Again a very diverse compilation, coming with artwork to print and interviews with the participating bands. Find all info over here ; 

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« Strategies agaist Architecture »

Nouveau titre dans une compilation allemande New track in a german compilation : « Strategies agaist Architecture »

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