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The Styx[Biography]

The subsonic project Low frequencies was borned in January 2009 from A magma of howling metallic rust.

In one year 38 Oxidized tracks came out Whose ore is piercingly worked again to give a first cd called « the styx »( 15 tracks - 73 ''42 '),,,

Mix from industrial music, metal guitar (JN is the main compositor of the metal band Nocturnal fears), drum and bass the all mix give a corrosiv and dark cocktail as one pleases.

This album is of one year crossed to experiment, to investigate, to create a new musical universe without having given itself of limits when in the style so developed...

A journey to a highly dark and tortured universe as this album can be, this first cd reflects the darkest side but also some hopes of the personality of JN,

Will you survive it?


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